AC on Rent in Noida Gaur City

Air Condition on Rent in Noida

Sector 75,76,77,78,70,73,74,119,120,61,62

& Gaur City 1, 2 Extension

Window Air Condition Rental Service.

The best and easiest way to stay cool all summer.

Rent air conditioner and stay hassle free.

AC on rent in Noida Sector 76,75,77,78, 120,62,61

AC on rental are a great solution

Rent air conditioner & save you money, time, stress free.

No big investment is required to purchase AC, maintenance is not required as all services are provided by Bansal Air Conditioner only. So that you have no problem and you are comfortable.
Our AC mechanic is professionally trained for your AC installation. So that you will not have any kind of problem. We take special care of this.
No need to store dusty and rusted AC in your closet. Because we remove it after the fixed period and fix the ac by the quality criteria and prepare it for the next season.
If it stops cooling Bansal Air Conditioner free repair your AC otherwise replace it. Because it is our responsibility for a fixed period. After making any complaint the visit fee only Rs.100 will have to be paid by the customer.

Complete comfort at low Price.

"Established on 7th March 2005 at Your Service."

"Bansal is a symbol of your satisfaction"